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Employer Wellness Programs

Awareness of your employees' healthy well-being is a tremendous asset to your business. However, there are no assurances that they are eating healthy and exercising to lead a heart healthy life. Through our corporate wellness programs, you can help increase your employees' health and improve your bottom line.

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer in America, for both men and women, and are responsible for more deaths than the next four leading causes of death combined. It is also the leading cause of permanent disability in the workplace.

Many of your employees may not even know they are at risk

The key to successful employer sponsored wellness programs is prevention. 87% of heart diseases are preventable through proper diet, exercise and medication. We are able to educate your employees through our Corporate Heart Health Screening programs and promote those preventable measures.

Reduce your health care costs

With the rise of heart diseases comes the rise of excessive health care costs for your company. Our Biometric Health Screening program is designed to give your employees access to low-cost comprehensive and accurate testing. By helping to identify employees at risk of heart disease, you can help to increase the well being of your employees in promoting lifestyle changes, all while keeping your company health-care costs down.