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Health Screening Packages


  • SUP1: Total Cholesterol and HDL without Staffing Services.
  • SUP2: Total Cholesterol, HDL and Glucose without Staffing Services.
  • SUP3: Lipid Profile without Staffing Services.
  • SUP4: Lipid Profile plus Glucose without Staffing Services.
  • CSP5: Total Cholesterol and HDL with Certified Staffing Services.
  • CSP6: Total Cholesterol, HDL and Glucose with Certified Staffing Services.
  • CSP7: Lipid Profile with Certified Staffing Services.
  • CSP8: Lipid Profile plus Glucose with Certified Staffing Services.

Additional Screening Services added to any of our Comprehensive Programs:

  • Health Education with Dedicated Staffing
  • Blood Pressure with Certified Staffing Services
  • Body Fat with Certified Staffing Services
  • Bone Density with Certified Staffing Services
  • Spirometry with Certified Staffing Services
  • PSA with Certified Staffing Services
  • Hemoglobin A1c with Certified Staffing Services

Please contact us for pricing.

Our process consists of five elements:

  1. Program Planning and Design
    Experienced consultants help determine which program meets your needs, as well as assist in marketing and outreach materials.
  2. Program Management
    A Program Manager and/or Implementation Specialist will oversee all event functions of 250 participants or greater.
  3. Trained Healthcare Professionals
    Registered Nurses, Health Educators and Certified Technicians will perform tests at every screening.
  4. Data Collection
    SSS personnel will be in charge of Data Collection. All forms will be checked for completeness and accuracy.
  5. Data Management
    The information will be inputted into a Custom Designed Microsoft Access Database, where the information can be manipulated and returned, for a small additional fee.